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Current Conditions
Atlanta   64 °F   Cloudy  
Austin   65 °F   Cloudy  
Boston   59 °F   Few High Clouds  
Chicago   51 °F   Mist  
Dallas   60 °F   Light Rain  
Denver   66 °F   Mostly Clear  
Houston   80 °F   Partly Cloudy with High Overcast  
Los Angeles   86 °F   Clear  
Miami   83 °F   Partly Cloudy  
Minneapolis   63 °F   Mostly Clear  
New York   55 °F   Clear  
Omaha   72 °F   Clear  
Philadelphia   60 °F   High Clouds  
Phoenix   84 °F   Mostly Clear  
San Antonio   67 °F   Cloudy  
San Francisco   72 °F   Clear  
San Diego   81 °F   Clear  
San Jose   77 °F   Clear  
Washington DC   63 °F   Partly Cloudy With a Few High Clouds  

Current Extremes across the US (Updated every 15 min)

Warmest Temperature: 93.9 ° F, at Camarillo, Camarillo Airport, CA
Lowest Temperature: 33.8 ° F, at Mount Washington, NH
Warmest Heat Index: 96.8 ° F, at New Orleans, Naval Air Station, LA
Highest Dew Point Temp: 79.0 ° F, at Galveston, Scholes Field, TX
Lowest Dew Point Temp: 10.0 ° F, at Ely, Ely Airport, NV
Highest Pressure: 30.71 inches/1040.1 mb, at La Grande Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting System, OR
Lowest Pressure: 29.46 inches/997.8 mb, at Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Peak Wind: 46 knots, Mount Washington, NH
Peak Gust: 52 knots, Mount Washington, NH
Lowest wind chill: 16.6 ° F, Mount Washington, NH

Current Extremes in Alaska (Updated every 15 min)

Warmest Temperature: 55.9 ° F, at Klawock, Klawock Airport, AK
Lowest Temperature: 24.8 ° F, at Barter Island, Barter Island LRRS Airport, AK
Warmest Heat Index: 55.4 ° F, at Klawock, Klawock Airport, AK
Highest Dew Point Temp: 52.0 ° F, at Annette, Annette Island Airport, AK
Lowest Dew Point Temp: 23.0 ° F, at Arctic Village, Arctic Village Airport, AK
Highest Pressure: 30.28 inches/1025.6 mb, at Hydaburg, Hydaburg Seaplane Base, AK
Lowest Pressure: 28.68 inches/971.1 mb, at Middleton Island, Middleton Island Airport, AK
Peak Wind: 23 knots, Skagway, AK
Peak Gust: 37 knots, Cordova, Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport, AK
Lowest wind chill: 11.1 ° F, Barter Island, Barter Island LRRS Airport, AK

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