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Current Observations for Belgium sorted from warmest to coolest

Schaffen14:25ZMostly Cloudy77 461.621018.1SE 4 7798
Chievres14:24ZClear77 501.621018.1SSW 4 77196
Bierset14:20ZNot Avail.75 481.621018.0SSE 5 75610
Koksijde14:25ZClear75 481.621017.1S 10 7513
Charleroi / Gosselies14:20ZNot Avail.75 461018.0S 7 75613
Bruxelles National14:20ZNot Avail.75 521018.1ESE 5 75180
Kleine Brogel14:25ZMostly Cloudy75 521018.1ENE 3 75180
Beauvechain14:25ZClear75 481018.0ESE 3 75344
Antwerpen / Deurne14:20ZNot Avail.75 521017.1ESE 5 7539
Oostende Airport 14:20ZNot Avail.73 481.621017.1SSE 9 7313
Florennes14:25ZPartly Cloudy73 451.621017.9SSE 4 73915
Elsenborn14:25ZMostly Cloudy70 431.621019.9SE 3 701850

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