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Current Observations for Belgium sorted by weather type

Elsenborn13:55ZMostly Cloudy72 41121020.0ESE 3 721850
Schaffen13:55ZMostly Cloudy77 46121018.1SE 4 7798
Kleine Brogel13:55ZMostly Cloudy75 50121018.1E 3 75180
Florennes13:55ZPartly Cloudy73 48131018.0S 6 73915
St-Hubert14:00ZClear69 43201017.7SE 8 Gusting to 16 691847
Spa / La Sauveniere14:00ZClear71 44201018SE 4 Gusting to 8 711541
Koksijde13:55ZClear75 48121017.1SSW 10 7513
Chievres13:55ZClear77 48111018.1SSE 3 77196
Beauvechain13:55ZClear75 46121018.0ESE 4 75344

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