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Current Observations for Iran, Islamic Republic of

Abadan02:00ZNot Avail.82 5541004.1CALM829
Ahwaz02:00ZNot Avail.77 5041004.1E 2 7765
Bandar Lengeh02:00ZNot Avail.77 7251004.1CALM7745
Bandarabbass02:00ZHaze81 632.51004.8NW 4 8232
Birjand02:00ZNot Avail.59 252.51016.1E 4 594891
Bojnourd02:00ZNot Avail.52 372.51020.4CALM523523
Bushehr Civ / Afb 02:00ZNot Avail.82 6641005.8N 6 8462
Esfahan01:30ZMist50 481.12ESE 4 495216
Fasa02:00ZNot Avail.64 412.51009.4WNW 6 644537
Gach Saran Du Gunbadan02:00ZNot Avail.73 3751008.6CALM732421
Ghazvin02:00ZMostly Cloudy55 540.621016.0NE 2 554192
Gorgan02:00ZNot Avail.63 592.51015.9CALM63508
Iranshahr02:00ZNot Avail.81 362.51007.5E 4 791938
Jask02:00ZNot Avail.86 6441003.1NW 4 879
Kermanshah01:30ZNot Avail.54 4851015.3E 4 534330
Khoy01:30ZMostly Cloudy59 552.51015.5CALM593631
Mashhad01:30ZNot Avail.66 232.51018.2NW 6 663244
Omidieh02:00ZNot Avail.79 5251005.0SE 2 7995
Orumieh02:00ZMostly Cloudy55 522.51015.9WSW 2 554255
Ramsar02:00ZMostly Cloudy70 612.51013.1N 2 70-75
Rasht02:00ZMostly Cloudy68 640.621014.1CALM68-22
Sanandaj02:00ZNot Avail.52 4851016.6CALM524504
Shahre-Kord02:00ZFog39 390.62E 2 396817
Shiraz01:30ZClear63 412.51014.2CALM634875
Tabriz01:30ZLight Showers59 462.51016.6E 6 594484
Tehran-Mehrabad01:30ZMostly Cloudy66 460.621015.1CALM663950
Yazd02:00ZClear66 452.51015.2SSW 6 664061
Zabol02:00ZNot Avail.79 322.51007.4NNW 21 791604
Zahedan02:00ZNot Avail.64 252.51013.6CALM644494

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