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Current Observations for Saudi Arabia

Abha01:00ZNot Avail.66 34CALM666856
Al Ahsa01:00ZNot Avail.77 361003.4CALM77587
Al Baha01:00ZNot Avail.77 39ENE 8 775419
Al Qaysumah01:00ZClear86 5451004.5NNW 13 841174
Al-Jouf01:00ZNot Avail.79 4651009.3NNW 11 792260
Arar01:00ZNot Avail.73 5451006.1NW 5 731820
Bisha01:00ZNot Avail.72 361006.1CALM723828
Dhahran01:00ZNot Avail.81 641001.0CALM8285
Gassim01:00ZNot Avail.81 4851006.3W 3 802125
Gizan01:00ZNot Avail.86 7751002.1ESE 3 9719
Guriat01:00ZNot Avail.72 5051011.5WNW 6 721669
Hail01:00ZNot Avail.68 3451008.4S 4 683330
Jeddah King Abdul Aziz International Airport 01:00ZNot Avail.86 7051000.1NNW 4 9049
Khamis Mushait01:00ZNot Avail.68 325CALM686778
King Khaled International Airport01:00ZNot Avail.81 2851005.5NW 6 792014
Madinah01:00ZNot Avail.90 1651006.8ENE 5 862145
Makkah01:00ZNot Avail.91 5251000.5CALM881017
Najran01:00ZNot Avail.73 3251006.9W 2 733976
Rafha01:00ZNot Avail.77 3751005.4NW 2 771473
Sharurah01:00ZNot Avail.86 4651003.6SW 4 832362
Tabuk01:00ZClear73 3451009.1NW 6 732552
Taif01:00ZNot Avail.73 4351009.5WSW 4 734849
Turaif01:00ZNot Avail.70 5051009.3NNW 11 702667
Wadi Al Dawasser Airport01:00ZNot Avail.81 4851003.4CALM802047
Wejh01:00ZNot Avail.84 6451004.1NNW 3 8565
Yenbo01:00ZNot Avail.90 5251001.1W 10 8726

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