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Current Observations for Belgium

Antwerpen / Deurne22:20ZMist20 193701.51014.1N 2 2012
Beauvechain22:25ZClear19 1911265.41014.9N 1 19105
Bierset22:20ZNot Avail.20 1716091.81014.7CALM20186
Bruxelles National22:20ZMist19 188046.71015.0S 1 1955
Charleroi / Gosselies22:20ZNot Avail.19 1816091.81015.8SW 4 19187
Chievres22:14ZMostly Cloudy19 187563.91015.0S 3 1960
Elsenborn22:25ZClear16 1416091.81015.9N 1 16564
Florennes22:25ZCloudy19 1716091.81015.6W 3 19279
Kleine Brogel22:10ZMostly Cloudy20 197563.91014.0N 1 2055
Koksijde22:25ZCloudy20 188046.71014.1N 1 204
Oostende Airport 22:20ZMostly Cloudy20 189656.11015.1CALM204
Schaffen22:07ZMist20 191609.31014.1N 1 2030