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Current Observations for Misc. World Observations

Bombay / Santacruz10:30ZNot Avail.32 259656.11006.1W 12 398
Cape Town D. F. Malan11:00ZClear20 1116091.81021.1NW 4 2042
Hong Kong Inter-National Airport10:30ZClear28 2316091.81008.1N 2 315
London / Heathrow Airport10:50ZClear19 316091.81020.1SSW 5 1924
Mexico City / Licenci10:45ZPartly Cloudy14 1030577.5CALM142238
Milano / Linate10:50ZClear22 1316091.81014.1N 3 22107
Montreal / Dorval International; Que11:00ZClear9 480467.21024.5WNW 3 931
Moscow / Vnukovo10:30ZNot Avail.25 516091.81009.9SW 7 25203
Sydney Airport10:28ZThunder19 1716091.81027.1S 10 196
Tokyo International Airport10:30ZClear20 916091.81007.2SE 7 205