MeteoStar State Weather Roundup
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Current Observations for Virginia sorted by weather type

24 Hour Change Max/Min Compare Last Observation Select Observations By ICAO
Farmville22:15ZLight Rain73 7360001013.4CALM73410
Hot Springs / Ingalls22:35ZThunder71 6816001016.4CALM713792
Staunton / Shenandoah22:15ZThunder nearby71 6916001015.6N 7 711200
Petersburg Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting System22:35ZThunder nearby79 7416001013.5CALM79193
Orange; Orange County Airport22:35ZThunder nearby79 7016001014.7NE 3 79465
Winchester Regional22:35ZThunder nearby73 6416001015.6NE 4 73728
Martinsville22:17ZThunder nearby79 7216001014.3CALM79941
Marion / Wytheville22:35ZThunder nearby78 1616001015.9WSW 5 782559
Lynchburg; Lynchburg Regional Airport21:54ZThunder nearby74 7116001013.7ENE 3 74935
Louisa; Louisa County / Freeman Field Airport22:15ZThunder nearby80 7016001015.7E 5 83492
Leesburg / Godfrey22:15ZThunder nearby77 7016001015.5NE 9 77390
Hillsville22:35ZThunder nearby75 7216001015.2SSW 3 752736
Danville; Danville Regional Airport21:53ZThunder nearby85 7516001012.2N 4 93570
Culpeper; Culpeper County Airport22:15ZThunder nearby79 6816001014.5CALM79311
Charlottesville; Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport21:53ZThunder nearby81 6916001013.5SE 5 84639
Virginia Tech Airport22:15ZThunder nearby79 7016001015.6NE 6 792132
South Hill; Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport22:35ZThunder nearby79 7716001015.7CALM79442
Ashland; Hanover County Municipal Airport21:54ZCloudy79 7315001014.0N 3 79203
Clarksville / Marks22:15ZMostly Cloudy79 7716001013.7CALM79419
Richmond; Richmond International Airport21:54ZMostly Cloudy83 7116001014.0NE 5 87167
Dublin / New River Valley22:15ZMostly Cloudy80 6916001015.0N 5 832106
Norfolk; Norfolk International Airport21:51ZMostly Cloudy82 7316001013.7S 3 8726
Quantico; Marine Corps Air Facility21:56ZMostly Cloudy83 6716001014.2N 859
Virginia Beach; Oceana21:56ZMostly Cloudy78 5310001013.7SE 4 7819
Norfolk; Naval Air Station21:59ZMostly Cloudy84 7316001014ESE 7 9013
Wise / Lonesome Pine22:15ZMostly Cloudy75 7016001015.9CALM752680
Washington DC; Washington-Dulles International Airport21:52ZMostly Cloudy78 6716001014.5N 5 78311
Washington DC; Reagan National Airport21:52ZMostly Cloudy82 6616001014.5NE 7 8413
Fort Belvoir21:56ZMostly Cloudy85 6516001014.5CALM8668
Wallops Island; Wallops Flight Facility Airport21:54ZPartly Cloudy82 7616001013.7NE 10 8939
Abingdon22:15ZPartly Cloudy82 6816001014.6NNW 4 852070
Roanoke; Roanoke Regional Airport21:54ZPartly Cloudy79 7116001013.9ESE 7 791174
Shannon Airport22:15ZPartly Cloudy81 6916001013.9ENE 4 8485
Suffolk; Suffolk Municipal Airport22:15ZClear84 7616001013.9S 4 9272
Newport News; Newport News / Williamsburg International Airport21:54ZClear85 7016001013.5NNE 4 8942
Fentress; Naval Auxiliary Landing Field21:56ZClear81 7316001014.0CALM869
Melfa / Accomack Airport22:15ZClear83 7016001014.3NNW 4 8749
Langley Air Force Base21:56ZClear83 7216001014.2E 8 889
Manassas Municipal Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting System21:56ZClear82 6416001015.2N 5 83193
Franklin / J B Rose22:35ZClear81 7716001013.6CALM8839
Fort Eustis / Felker21:56ZClear86 7316001013.5N 3 9213
Emporia; Emporia-Greensville Regional Airport21:15ZClear82 751013.9CALM89127
Chesapeake; Chesapeake Municipal Airport22:15ZClear80 7410001014.0SE 5 8019
Ft. Pickett / Blackstone22:35ZClear77 7716001013.7CALM77426
Wakefield; Wakefield Municipal Airport21:54ZClear84 7516001013.7CALM92111